Sudden Ban of Cigarettes won’t work.

Nicotine consumption has been in highlights for quite sometime with all the bad health effects it is not hard to imagine why world is against it.


Nicotine addiction mainly came into highlight because of cigarettes, which were enjoyed in plenty in 80s and 90s but as more and more research for it came out it became apparent that it was more harmful and addictive then anything else(other then hard drugs).

Thus began the fight against cigarette companies where governments started applying heavy taxes, smokers decided to ditch the bad habit and the public image of smoking cigarettes went from cool to bad.

Infact there was a report of Facebook shutting down groups by cigarnoise which told that all cigar, alcohol and gun groups were being banned.

If you were born after 2000 you are probably a smoke hater and no all the bad effects of it from a young age but those who were born earlier had a different perspective towards it and so it was easier for them to get addicted to cigarettes.

Now if you are wondering why they can’t just ban cigarettes? Then here’s everything you need to know.

Strong following

People who love smoking are addicted and to take it away at once will create very bad health effects that everyone might not be capable of dealing with. Addictions of have to be treated differently, some people can quit at once while others resort to other means of quitting such patches, gums etc.

Keeping this in mind and how some people are reliant it is not a good idea to just make everyone quit cold turkey.

Huge industry

Smoking overtime has become a huge industry, with cigarette brands richer then governments it is hard to avoid them and ban them completely at once.


People are reliant on this industry for jobs, its a huge industry and so thousands of people make there living working from factories to corporate.

It provides employment in huge numbers and sudden ban will cause massive job loss and unemployment. At a time when unemployment is at a huge rise a ban can cause havoc.

Black market

We all know what happens with drugs, you can be something all you but there will always be a black market for things like this and a ban will cause it to erupt.

This will lead to more crime, prisons and laws.


Industry provides massive tax benefits to governments especially when governments are increasing the rate of cigs just so they can earn more and more on the revenue.

Some government could be reliant on such kind of revenue as they make a massive part of there income.


These are some of the reasons why just banning cigarettes is not an option. It’s upto the users to kick this habit.